Parenting During COVID


Distance Learning and Schedules during COVID-19

COVID-19 and the necessity of social distancing has put an incredible strain on parents. With schedules and demands suddenly shifted, the demand on parents is higher than ever before. Many parents have been thrust into distance learning due to school and childcare closures and taking control of your child’s learning is a challenging endeavor. You may have been sent a curriculum by your school, but there’s a big leap from having a curriculum to having a home environment you feel good about and a schedule that is manageable. A Trustle coach can help. With years of experience working with young children in both home and school settings, your coach can help you devise a routine and plan that will work for you, and help to alleviate the pressure of parenting and educating (and in some cases, working!) at the same time.

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Three Things Every Parent Should Know About Distance Learning and Parenting During COVID-19


This time requires flexibility and patience

Many of us are finding ourselves suddenly responsible for keeping our children’s education moving forward. Balancing this with working from home, managing stress, and juggling children of different ages will look different for everyone (and is impossible to do perfectly!).
Finding your way will take some time, patience, and flexibility. Be forgiving of yourself and know that among the challenges will be some special times with your children.

Connection with your child is the first step

The important thing to keep in mind when young children are learning at home is that how they learn is more important than what they learn. No matter their age and stage, children need to be emotionally available for learning.
Establishing a safe and loving environment is key. Children need a connected, solid foundation in order to navigate the challenge of having their normal routine upended. The great news is that everything you do to take the pressure off yourself and off your children will help.

Find the teachable moments

Teachable moments, when an event or experience occurs that offers an opportunity to learn something are all around us. These moments might line up with your distance learning curriculum, or they might be more everyday “life lessons” like folding the laundry or baking a loaf of bread.
Teachers look for these moments all the time, knowing that learning happens all the time, and not just when the schedule dictates. Your Trustle coach can help you focus and clear away some of the noise so that you can identify, foster, and celebrate the learning happening in your home.


There’s not one way.
Here is what you get with Trustle:

Dedicated Early Childhood Education Expert

Your Trustle expert has been an early childhood educator for a decade and can help you figure out how to make distance learning and scheduling during COVID-19 work for you. The package includes a 45-minute call to develop a plan, and two weeks of follow-up support via text, all with your dedicated expert.

Individual Approach

Your child's preschool or daycare may have given you a curriculum, or may not. But your situation is likely to be unique. Your Trustle expert will start from where you are and help you develop a plan that works for your family. We can work with you on managing schedules, and can help you effectively support your child during this challenging time.