Encouraging Healthy Eating

Is my child eating enough? Is my child eating too much? Why will they only eat the same five foods? How can I get my child to try new foods? There are so many aspects of mealtime that can be worrying and overwhelming! We can help. Working with a Trustle coach you will learn how to support your child to eat intuitively, expand their palate, accept and try a variety of foods, and make mealtimes a positive, family-centered experience.

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Three things every parent should know about raising successful eaters


Children know what their bodies need.

Children are experts at regulating their hunger and fullness cues. But, they need our support to continue to grow this skill as they get older.

Picky eating is universal.

Picky eating is a developmental phase that most children will go through. Despite the pickiness, there are strategies that can be implemented before, during, and after any bouts of picky eating to set your child up to grow into an adventurous, confident eater.

There is no one "right" way.

Every family and child are unique, and there is no “one way fits all” approach to supporting healthy eating in young children. Evidence-based strategies can be consciously and creatively adapted to work for you.


There’s not one way.
Here is what you get with Trustle:

Mealtime & Nutrition Expert

Your coach has the training and expertise to walk you through different ways to encourage healthy eating and positive mealtimes for you and your family. The package includes a 60-minute call to dive into your challenge and develop a plan, and two weeks of follow-up support via text, all with your dedicated expert.

Individual Approach

Whether you have a child who is constantly asking for snacks, a child who throws their food, a child who won’t eat sitting at the table, and more, we are here to help. Combining your specific challenges with evidence-based practices, your coach will create an individualized plan and be prepared to evolve your plan as new challenges arise.