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It can often feel like sleep is something children should know how to do naturally. The fact is, babies, and many toddlers and older children, need coaching and support to learn how to sleep. Your child’s sleep will go through many phases and changes as they grow, but one thing remains constant - helping your child develop and maintain healthy sleep habits is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.

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Three Things Every Parent Should Know About Sleep


Kids need to learn how to sleep

When it comes to sleep, it feels like babies and children should come born with the knowledge of how to sleep from the start. Without realizing it, many of us think that our children come pre-programmed to know how to put themselves to sleep, how to soothe to sleep, when to fall asleep, and when to wake. Unfortunately, this isn't true.
Just as babies and children go through a developmental process to learn how to walk, there is also a developmental process when it comes to developing healthy sleep patterns. Just like parents help their babies along the way through the phases of rolling, crawling and scooting, which all lead to walking - we as parents can (and should!) also help our babies and children learn how to sleep. Whether your child is a newborn and you want to set things off on the right track, or you have toddler who has never been a great sleeper, your Trustle coach can help. We can help you understand how to work with your child to teach them the skills they need for healthy sleep.

Sleep issues pop up across ages and stages

Most new parents expect that they will encounter many sleepless nights during the first months. But, problems with sleep don’t magically disappear at your baby’s first birthday. In fact, 32% of parents report encountering sleep issues with their older children.
For some parents, sleep has always been a long-standing issue, and for others, surprising changes to sleep can throw an entire schedule off (and make for a grumpy toddler).

There are many ways to get to the end goal

There are many different approaches to sleep, not to mention lots of contradictory information about the best way to handle nighttime challenges. There is no single “right” way to tackle sleeping; each child and family will have a unique set of needs and circumstances.
We follow YOUR philosophy and sleep goals, and help you find a sleep plan and protocol that matches your parenting style and perspective. From co-sleeping to sleep training, we can support you.


There’s not one way.
Here is what you get with Trustle:

Dedicated Sleep Expert

Your Trustle coach has the training and expertise to guide you through making a peaceful and good night sleep more than just a dream! Your coach will collaborate with you to develop a sleep plan that fits your needs, and is there to support you to make sure the plan works. The package includes a 60-minute call to dive into your challenge and develop a plan, and two weeks of follow-up support via text, all with your dedicated expert.

Individual Approach

Whether you have a baby who won’t sleep anywhere but in your arms, you are weathering one of the dreaded sleep-regressions, or you have a cute little 2 am visitor, Trustle can help. Combining your specific goals and challenges with evidence-based practices, your coach will create an individualized plan for your family. There is more than one path to sleeping through the night. Your coach will help you find the approach that feels right for you.