Trustle Elephant Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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My coach/clinician said something I didn’t like/was untrue/was unhelpful.

We’re sorry. The support Trustle provides is deeply personal and important, and we want to maintain the highest standards. If you are experiencing problems with your coach, please email us at

I sent a message to my coach/clinician over 24 hours ago and they haven’t got back to me.

There’s a chance something has come up for your coach and they had to step away from Trustle. They should have an ‘out of office’ note, but sometimes emergencies occur. But there is also a chance there is a technical issue. Please email us at so we can find out which one it is!

I can't access my account?

You use your phone number when you log in to the app; if you do not see the messages you have previously sent to your coach, email us at

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