How to Not Lose Your Cool With Your Kids

Our interactive, personalized guide will give you short, daily learnings and exercises based on psychology and child development to help you yell less and connect more.

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What You’ll Get

Using proven psychology methods and the science of child development, you’ll receive a tailored online guide for your family — in under 10 minutes a day.

Daily bite-sized learnings and activities for busy parents
Content based on proven therapy techniques and science
A 3-week path designed just for you
A dedicated family therapist by your side if you need them
Keep your cool

Keep your cool

Oil your family machine

Increase family bond

Take the pressure off

Take the pressure off

Go From Reacting to Responding

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Learn what causes you to lose your cool
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Practice techniques to build your resilience
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Break the cycle of yelling
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Hear How Other Parents Learned to Keep Their Cool

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I learned how to manage my temper when my kid is being a butthead.

I've noticed a dramatic shift in my ability to recognize when I'm about to get heated and now have both the awareness and presence of mind to check it.

Though I’ve heard of CBT, I didn’t really know what it was and it’s a helpful framework: it's helped me realize how negative thoughts impact my parenting.

LOVE IT! Very helpful, timely, and easy to go through in a few minutes.

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