Okta is an industry-leading Identity Provider offer strong authentication product 10s of thousands of businesses worldwide. The platform is cloud based and supports all the modern identity standards for Single Sign-on (SSO)—such as OpenID Connect (OIDC) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). The company also offers products for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and entitlement management.

As an IdP, Okta stores important identity data for the users of the system. For example, Okta stores information about reporting structure, contact information, and mappings to connected apps. These data is extremely valuable for making policy decisions for entitlements.

Trustle w/ Okta


Trustle can use IdPs (including Google and Okta) for SSO into Trustle. However, that operation is separate from the Okta connector. Trustle connects to Okta’s API and imports the user identity and relevant profile, group, role, title, and manager information. Users don’t need to login to Trustle before having their user data made available in Trustle. Because Okta can source this information from trusted systems like Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Trustle can also use this information in policy and administration operations.

Using Okta with Trustle makes it even easier to link user accounts, even on GitHub, where handles usually aren’t reflective of corporate profiles. In addition, Trustle users can view Okta resources such as groups and roles and request access; Trustle then routs the approval request appropriately and also determines whether the access is temporary or just-in-time, as needed.

Trustle also makes recommendations for the security of your Okta implementation. For example, Trustle can discover unused and risky accounts and establish baseline usage patterns for members of the same teams.

Trustle’s Okta connector is informative and easy to use. You can easily review existing applications and permissions access, as well as assign and modify access to your users with just a few clicks.

Okta and System Permissions

Trustle’s Okta connector gathers Okta configuration data about your users, enabling you to view users’ role assignments and permissions. This enables you to monitor and audit all the changes in admin role assignments, as well as managing custom and standard roles assigned to users.

System Permission Dashboard
System Applications Dashboard

Okta and Applications

Trustle allows you to manage access to external applications and systems securely.  The Okta connector provides a comprehensive view of all available application integrations that your users access via SSO. It provides the ability to effectively manage user assignments, and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.

Okta Directory Groups

Directory Groups simplifies access management, as changes to group access settings are automatically applied to all members of the group.  Through groups, your organization remains secure and accessible to all assigned users.

Trustle’s Okta connector allows you to easily manage Okta group memberships, as well as quickly gain insights on permissions associated with each group, including applications to which they have access and associated roles.

Directory Group Dashboard
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