Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)

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Do you know who has access to what?

Keeping track of who has access across all your cloud-based services far exceeds human capacity.

Security teams are overwhelmed,

approving access without context. Increasing the risk of approving unusual or suspicious activity.

Approval workflows for your full-time employees is already a struggle,

but it becomes even more burdensome when you include contractors, Customer-based accounts, and System-based accounts.

That’s where Trustle comes line
How does Trustle solve this...
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Advanced APIs

Trustle utilizes advanced native APIs to seamlessly gather crucial data, including account information, permissions, resources, and usage details, from all your cloud and SaaS system.

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Streamline Workflows

This data is then leveraged to optimize and streamline your access request workflows. With the aid of Trustle's powerful machine learning technology.

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Comprehensive Visibility

Make informed decisions based on contextual insights. and you gain comprehensive end-to-end visibility and control over each system.

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Automated Provisioning

Facilitate compliant and automated access provisioning for the appropriate users, resources, and duration..

Don’t wait for the JIT to hit the Fan!

According to the Gartner report: Reduce Risk Through a Just-in-Time Approach to Privileged Access Management, “By the year 2025, 75% of cyber insurance providers will mandate the use of JIT PAM principles.” In addition to the peace of mind gained by properly managing privileged access in your organization, get ahead of the curve and let Trustle help you manage privileged access in your organization today!

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Trustle’s ITDR features
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Proactive Risk Management
With Trustle, you can take a distributed, proactive approach to risk management and stay ahead of potential threats to your cloud environment.

By identifying and addressing risks and vulnerabilities, you can reduce the likelihood of intentional and accidental exposures, ensuring that your organization remains secure.

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Automated Risk Assessment

Trustle helps you approach risk proactively, providing compliance and access history reports to keep key stakeholders informed. For management and systems owners, these reports facilitate policy-related discussions and changes, making it easier to stay on top of security.  For auditors, these reports provide an automated method of generating evidence of regulatory compliance.
Our automated risk assessment provides a holistic view of each Saas and Cloud environment, identifying risks, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities, and our machine learning technology detects anomalous and potentially threatening access requests, in addition to well-known risks.

This helps you stay one step ahead of potential breaches.

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Flexible and Convenient Risk Remediation

Trustle also offers flexible and convenient methods for risk remediation. Once you understand your security posture and attack surface, Trustle provides multiple options for automatic and interactive account and access-related mitigation.

Trustle is quick and easy to set up, taking only minutes instead of weeks.

We value efficiency, functionality, and security, so you don't have to compromise.
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