CEO POV: Trustle Welcomes Marc Boroditsky to Board of Directors

There are many different aspects and responsibilities that come with the title “CEO.” Running a company presents its fair share of thrills, fears and frustrations, but through every emotion, I have consistently found an opportunity to learn and grow. One lesson I have learned in life is this: if you don’t know, go ask someone who does. Ego and shame only get in the way, and as they say, “If you are the smartest person in the room, go to a new room.” 

This lesson has held high value as we continue to craft our board. I want to surround myself with folks who not only provide beneficial insight and high integrity, but can point us in the right direction when they don’t know something. As CEO, it is my responsibility to ensure this group of mavens is well-equipped to help guide and watch over Trustle

With this in mind, Rick Grinnell and I thought the best person to take on this role would be Marc Boroditsky. Marc was an early angel investor in Trustle, and has proven to be a valuable advisor throughout the last few years. By agreeing to join our board as an independent member, Marc is positioned to bring years of experience in security and SaaS products to Trustle. I am grateful and honored to welcome Marc to our board, and I know he will be a great addition to the Trustle team. 

At Trustle, we are committed to helping customers take control of their cloud environments and entitlement sprawl. Environments and organizations have grown more complex through the years, with more remote employees, contractors, customer access and system accessing SaaS and cloud solutions than ever before. The identities, accounts and tokens on these systems have become the new firewall. Trustle’s job is to help organizations manage these new complexities. With Rick and Marc on our board offering guidance, I am confident in the future of Trustle.

Read the full press release welcoming Marc to the board here.

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Emiliano Berenbaum | June 13, 2023