Emiliano, CEO of Trustle, Speaks with FUSE VC about Trustle and Building Successful Companies

Our CEO, Emiliano Berenbaum, is an industry luminary and has a fantastic track record for building early stage startups into enormously successful companies. He was the first employee at Okta. He's also one of the founders of the related open source projects SPIFFE and SPIRE at the CNCF, from which he co-founded a company called Scytale, which is now part of HPE.

He recently sat down for an interview with one of Trustle's investors, FUSE, in which he discusses both his approach to building valuable companies and also how that applies to our current venture here at Trustle.

You can find the full discussion and transcript on the FUSE site here. You can also listen in on the "Just Getting Started–FUSE VC" podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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Mike Neuenschwander | September 13, 2022