Fast, Easy Entitlement Management for Developer Teams

Development work can hit a roadblock when developers don’t have access to the resources they need. Trustle gets access quickly and reduces security risk.

Picture of Trustle Automating Account Cleanup on Cloud Platforms

Today it's Slow

Getting access to anything from databases to business applications to cloud platforms takes time. It might require submitting multiple forms and slogging through time-consuming reviews. Too often, it involves bureaucracy working with rigid role-based access control (RBAC) tools from an earlier era of computing. It’s hard to developers to rapidly design, build, and test code when access entitlement isn’t rapid at all.

While CIOs and DevOps teams are wishing for faster access to resources, CISOs and their security teams need to ensure that development projects don’t jeopardize data security and compliance. It’s all too easy to grant developers’ permission to access for rush projects, and have those permissions remain active indefinitely.

Today it's Not Secure

“Permission creep”—in which developers get access to more and more resources without any permissions being rescinded when they’re no longer needed—is a common phenomenon in just about every enterprise.

Unnecessary and unmanaged access broadens the threat landscape, increases the odds of malware spreading through lateral movement, and potentially jeopardizes compliance with regulations that mandate strict data privacy and data security policies.

Trustle's Platform

Trustle is a new cloud solution for managing access rights for DevOps teams. It gives developers a speedy, automated solution for requesting and receiving access permissions. At the same time, it includes security and compliance teams the improved visibility, automation, and ease- of-use they need for discovering which access rights are actively being used and which can be safely rescinded.

Trustle enables security teams to fulfill developer access requests more quickly while shrinking the threat landscape overall. It’s a win/win solution for both DevOps and security teams.

Quickly Connect

Trustle is a cloud-based solution that security and DevOps teams can connect to critical resources within 30 minutes. It manages access rights for resources wherever they are: in the cloud or on-premises.

DevOps managers can set up Trustle just as they would other tools in their DevOps environments. Access rights management can be delegated to the owners of specific resources.

Discover and Mitigate Risk

Trustle uses Machine Learning to analyze user activity and which resources are being accessed by whom. It identifies which access rights are still needed and which can be safely removed to mitigate risk.

Recognizing that today’s organizations are flatter and more dynamic than the hierarchical organizations of twenty years ago, Trustle provides need-based access controls that grant rights only to employees who need them, where they need them, and when. It’s more flexible and precise than traditional role-based access controls, which allocate access rights based on rigid role assignments and groups. Role-based access controls often granted rights to groups even if only a single employee in a group was accessing a resource, or even access was needed only temporarily. When Trustle manages entitlements, overly broad or unused access rights are automatically removed.

Remediate and Automate

Trustle analyzes how developers and other employees are using access rights. It enables security teams to rescind rights that are no longer in use and to automatically survey employees about rights usage over time. Accessing, reviewing, approving, and rescinding access rights are all managed through user-friendly workflows.

Trustle also streamlines the access rights reporting required for regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.

Benefits of Trustle Entitlement Management for Developers

Benefits of adopting Trustle include:

  • Accelerated access to the resources DevOps teams need
  • Temporary access made easy
  • Increased security through the automatic cleanup of access controls
  • Improved regulatory compliance and streamlined, comprehensive reporting

Get Started Today

Trustle keeps permissions continuously fresh ad improves the quality and efficiency of certification compliance.

Critically, Trustle helps developers get the access rights they need to move at the speed of today’s agile development practices, while improving visibility and precision for security teams. Trustle is the solution that’s been missing until now from DevOps environments.

Try Trustle today.

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Jon Debonis | September 13, 2021