Streamline User Management with the Trustle Integration for Okta Directory

Effective user management is crucial for maintaining a secure and organized digital workspace. With Trustle's new Okta Directory integration, in addition to managing permissions for your enterprise Okta user base, you can now sync Trustle users directly from your Okta IDP.

In this blog post, we'll explore the latest features, seamless integration process and benefits that Trustle’s Okta integration brings to your organization; specifically how Trustle's new “user sync” feature simplifies the entire user management process.

Trustle’s Okta Directory Integration

Okta Directory serves as a comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers secure authentication and authorization services. It provides a centralized platform to manage user identities, ensuring smooth access to various applications and services. 

In its first incarnation, Trustle’s Okta Integration provided the ability to gather Okta configuration data about your users, enabling you to view, monitor and audit users’ role assignments and permissions, key and cert analytics, security recommendations, create customizable reports and more.

Introduced in the latest release, Trustle now lets you sync Trustle users directly from Okta.

Leveraging the Benefits

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By integrating Okta's directory with Trustle's platform, your organization gains access to several benefits:

- Centralized Access Management: link your organization's users to different integration accounts automatically. This streamlines access management across various systems, enhancing security and ease of use. 

-  Trustle helps you easily detect threats as dormant and orphaned accounts to improve your organization's cyber hygiene. You can read more about Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) here.

- Team Management: Easily manage user teams and groups to promote collaboration and productivity.

- History and Analytics: Access a comprehensive history of user changes, and generate reports for insightful data.

Effortless User Management and Syncing with Trustle

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Trustle now streamlines user management by keeping your user base up-to-date with your People Directory in Okta, without the effort of  copying or exporting users  manually. With this feature, you now have the power to designate the primary source of truth or authority for user-specific changes.

The sync process involves two high-level steps: (1) the import, or gathering of data, and (2) confirmation/application of changes. Upon updating, directory change info is pulled from Okta, and the system provides an interface where Trustle administrators can confirm user-level changes, such as new users, modified users and duplicate notifications. Confirmations can be made one at a time or in batches.

Enhanced Results Review Process

To facilitate the review of large user change sets, Trustle organizes change candidates by relevance; changes are sorted descending by modification time. As previously deferred changes are deemed less relevant, they appear lower on the list. Sorting in this intelligent manner aids the administrator with quick decision-making at sync time.

Personal User Safeguard

Trustle ensures that organization owners aren't inadvertently locked out of their access to the Trustle platform during synchronization. Your Trustle user remains active regardless of changes in the IDP to prevent accidental access issues.

Take it for a Test Drive!

The integration of Okta as the Identity Provider (IDP) in Trustle is a straightforward process which can be done in three simple steps:

Step 1: Integrate Okta to Trustle

Setup a secure connection between Okta and Trustle. This connection serves as the foundation for seamless data synchronization between the two platforms.

Step 2: Enable Okta as IDP in Trustle

Once the integration is set up, you can enable user syncing by  toggling on the option in the integration settings. Trustle makes the configuration process minimal and simple. There are sane defaults for field mapping, but you will also have the ability to customize them to native and custom properties.

Step 3: Initiate and Manage User Syncs

To retrieve changes in users profiles, you can trigger an import manually or set up automatic imports with a customizable poll frequency. Trustle's flexible approach allows you to adjust the import frequency to suit your organization's needs. You have control of when to sync, and when to review, apply or defer Okta user profile changes.

Wrapping Up

The integration of Okta's directory with Trustle's user management platform improves the way organizations handle user identities and access. With a seamless setup process, effortless syncing and advanced sorting and categorization features, managing users becomes efficient and highly organized. By leveraging this integration, organizations can ensure a secure and streamlined user management experience.

Setting up Trustle with Okta takes less than 30 minutes, and can immediately provide value by helping you keep your users at ZSP until LPA is needed, as well as help identify who your users are, what access they have, and how they got it. For a free evaluation or demo, click here to speak to one of our experts.

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Georgina Olivieri | November 08, 2023