Trustle Takeaways: RSA Conference 2023

We can’t be the only ones that still revel in attending events live and in person. Being at the 2023 RSA Conference in late April energized the Trustle team in unexpected ways. For one thing, as a newer company, seeing industry peers in person was a delight.

The attendance also felt back to pre-pandemic levels. Last year's show was more sparsely attended, while this year, we had to try five different restaurants before we could find an available spot to eat lunch.  

The cybersecurity space is evolving faster than ever, and we see it going in a lot of different directions (one lap around the expo hall will leave you a little unsure of up from down). That said, the feeling of collaboration between security teams gave us a tremendous sense that we are onto something special at Trustle.

A few highlights and takeaways from our experience at RSA Conference include:

  • Identity is the new Firewall. JIT access is being talked about more and more.
  • There was significant emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) this year. It’s especially interesting to see how AI is being embraced; computational solutions that were thought about years ago are now a reality. Additionally, the power of AI combined with context and human intelligence is going to make the CISO’s role much easier (not that it will ever be “easy”).
  • With the growing number of breaches and exfiltration executives, a large number of companies are taking notice. Compliance concerns are finally merging with security in a more legitimate way.
  • We enjoyed speaking with industry analysts to understand the trends that they are seeing in the market. “Resources” and “Data access” was a theme we heard over and over again.
  • Our story about citizen developers and their access resonated with the many customers and analysts we spoke with during the event. 

We also received an incredible amount of positive feedback from both fellow vendors and expo attendees. Hearing from others that the problem(s) Trustle is solving are so needed – regardless of industry – truly reinforced our mission.

Being at RSA was a great opportunity to learn and soak up all that we could. We look forward to attending other events we have planned for the rest of this year. Stay tuned on that! Black Hat in Las Vegas in August being a new one for our team…

In the meantime, follow our blog for unexpected insights, or request a demo of the Trustle platform.

Josh portrait
Josh Lange - Chief Revenue Officer | May 31, 2023