Atlassian PagerDuty is an operations tool for assembling response teams during critical situations. PagerDuty is used in customer support, operations, and business operations scenarios. When incidents occur, PagerDuty assembles the on-call team, enables users to check in, and manage the incident from inception through resolution and root cause analysis (RCA).

Trustle w/ PagerDuty


While PagerDuty assembles a response team, Trustle enables teams to gain just-in-time access to systems and resources needed to resolve the issue. This means that anyone scheduled to be on the response team can gain access immediately—that is, they are pre-approved—to systems that are pre-selected to be part of the response. Trustle manages all access and maintains an auditable history to ensure accountability.

Assigning Access

Trustle provides features for decentralized administration, system owners can define permissions for On-Call scenarios. Cumulatively, response teams can gain access to numerous systems, even when those systems are owned and managed by numerous administrators.

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