Enhance your control capabilities with Trustle's latest feature: Fine-Grained Access and Provisioning Controls

We are excited to announce a significant improvement to our identity management and access control solutions at Trustle. In our ongoing commitment to providing robust security and control for organizations, we present our latest feature: Fine-Grained Access and Provisioning Controls.

Having precise control over access is crucial. With Trustle’s new feature, you can now exercise this control with unprecedented granularity, ensuring the access and provisioning settings for each identity and resource in your organization is customized to your exact needs.

What's New?

Resource Provisioning and Deprovisioning at Your Fingertips:

Provision UI

Our new feature introduces four distinct modes: OFF, Manual, Interactive, and Automatic, enabling you to configure access provision and deprovision according to your organization's needs.

  • Off Mode: Restricts specific permissions entirely, preventing users from requesting or being granted access.
  • Manual Mode: Provides tasks for you to approve, and manually carryout access changes on the remote system.
  • Interactive Mode: Provides a task for you to approve remote system changes before Trustle implements  the changes on the remote system for you.
  • Automatic Mode: Upon approval, Trustle automatically implements approved changes on the remote system without any human interaction or task generation.

Why It Matters:

Trustle’s new Fine-grained Access and Provisioning Controls features are a step forward in JIT access management and identity security. With this tool, users gain unprecedented control over their identities and resources, aligning access privileges with organizational needs.

No longer do you need to have the same access and provisioning rules for all identities and resources belonging to a specific system.  Trustle now provides the ability to set unique rules for every permission, giving you complete control over user capabilities.

Repositories Provision example

Start by setting global defaults that cover the general use case; as needed, for your more sensitive resources, make access rules more stringent. For your less-sensitive resources, define simpler rules and processes. For IT professionals, this feature represents a significant advancement in access control, offering precise policy enforcement, ensuring compliance, and mitigating security risks.

Provision Settings

Experience the Future:

Explore Trustle’s new features to discover how Trustle is reshaping identity management and access control, setting new standards, and providing a level of precision and adaptability crucial in today’s identity security landscape. Ready to take control? Explore Trustle’s New Feature Today!

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Christian Pfarher | January 17, 2024